Plant Iberia has over 12 years of experience travelling all over Spain and Portugal to build up a network of growers, and assess production and quality with the best horticultural nurseries.

Based in Bristol, our growing team is constantly in the search for the best products, visiting the producers throughout the year to keep us updated on their plant stock and availability.



We work side by side with growers all over the Peninsula. The varied geography that Spain and Portugal offers allows us to supply a wide range of ornamental plants and trees.

Constant communication with the growers means we can keep you updated and future plan availability and orders. Our excellent reputation and established relationships with producers makes us their first port of call when they have clearance offers.

All of our suppliers have a valid Plant Passport and follow the E.V. plant health regulation to prevent and control pest and disease, whether they are small specialised producers or big nurseries with larger production capacity and wider varieties.

At Plant Iberia we understand that due to the seasonal nature of the trade, sometimes small quantities of specific products are required, and some other times full trucks. We deliver loose load, on pallets and on CC trolleys.

Our sophisticated logistics let customers fill a truck with a single type of product or to order smaller amounts of different plants from a range of growers.

We arrange a quick delivery of seven to eight days from the moment the order is confirmed and never compromise the quality of the plants. We track orders to keep customers updated on progress.